Circular Reasoning

People everywhere have very different expectations of cats and dogs. We expect the former to tear up our furniture, sleep 16 hours a day and to bring home a dead bird once in a while, and we expect the latter to be social, obeying commands and to drool a lot. Heck, we even got different … Continue reading Circular Reasoning


The Gender Cultural Revolution

I'm sorry but I just had to write a final(?) blog post about Cordelia Fine. It's not just her undeserved award, but also her nasty habit of accusing anyone studying sex differences of sexism, that provokes a certain ire. And since she has recently released a new paper, I decided to dedicate a final post … Continue reading The Gender Cultural Revolution

Why Sexual Selection Matters and Why Cordelia Fine is Wrong

Last week The Royal Society awarded the polemical writer Cordelia Fine their Science Book of the Year award for Testosterone Rex. The central thesis of the book is that behavioral differences between men and women are better explained by culture than by testosterone and that the theoretical framework that evolutionary scientists regard as the root … Continue reading Why Sexual Selection Matters and Why Cordelia Fine is Wrong